Innovative spirits have been created at the distillery in Sulby since 1974 and the latest in 2015 is Bifrost Manx Vodka.

Our shared Nordic heritage has inspired a drink that captures the essence of hygge, the coziness that comes with companions who embrace our values.

Made with VS Cognac matured in France and carefully distilled for a third time at the boutique distillery on the TT course, this hand crafted Ultra Premium Vodka is smooth and full of flavours.

Selling Bifrost Manx Spirit and ManX Manx Spirit, our products are both available for purchase in Shoprite stores, and through Joseph Bucknall Limited for retail and trade customers.
Bifrost Manx Spirit is also available in Agrimark.


Rebecca Gelling
Kella Mill, Sulby IM7 2HH
01624 897777