Georgie Revill: What’s on my Manx Christmas menu 


At its heart, eating local means celebrating that the best flavours are from home; supporting low mile fresh food and the Island’s exceptional local producers. Treat your taste buds and nourish your friends and family and host a sustainable Manx Christmas full of local food and drink.

Sourcing all her supplies from her local butcher’s, deli’s, farmers and veg markets. Georgie Revill from The Cook Shack told us all about the delectable dishes she’ll be enjoying and serving up this Christmas to inspire your own Manx Christmas menu;

Christmas Breakfast:

Elevate your morning with the rich flavours of Manx produce.

Three Times Baked Manx Cheese Soufflé

Indulge in a delightful Manx breakfast with a three-times baked soufflé made from local eggs, milk, cream, and cheese, paired with freshly baked Manx Soda Bread and butter. Garnish with a green salad from Staarvey Farms.

Teare’s Chipolatas Wrapped in Local Streaky Bacon on Toasted Noa Bread

This traditional dish brings together rich and hearty sausages served on perfectly toasted Noa Bread.

Scallops with Velouté Sauce

For those seeking a more sophisticated start to the day or a memorable starter, indulge in delicate flavour of sustainably sourced scallops paired with a velouté sauce.

Christmas Dinner:

Savour Manx taste which options and trimmings to suit all members of the family.

Manx Loaghtan with Fynoderee Sloe Gin Sauce 

Indulge in the unique taste of Manx Loaghtan, complemented by a decadent sloe gin sauce. This main course reflects the island's commitment to local produce and culinary excellence.

Manx Sirloin/Rump/Ribeye Beef with Manx Onion Gravy Infused with Rum

Enjoy a succulent dish featuring your choice of Manx beef cuts, generously drizzled with a Manx onion gravy laced with the island's signature rum. A true celebration of the Isle of Man's culinary heritage.

Manx Beetroot Wellington with Local Cheese and Walnuts

Bry Rad’s red and orange beetroot makes for a colourful Christmas day feast, served in a puff pastry Wellington with local cheese and mushrooms from the Manx Gourmet Mushroom Farm.


Roast Potatoes & Parsnips Sprinkled with Semolina & IOM Sea Salt.

Accompany your main course with perfectly roasted potatoes and parsnips, sprinkled with semolina and IOM Salt Co products for a delightful crunch.

Brussel Sprouts with Fried Onion & Manx Sage

Elevate your vegetable side with Brussel sprouts featuring fried onion and the aromatic touch of Manx sage.

Carrots with Manx Honey & IOM Salt with Furikake

Sweet and savoury come together in the carrot dish, glazed with Manx honey, seasoned with IOM salt, and finished with a sprinkle of Furikake.


Berry’s Christmas Pudding, Davidson’s Ice Cream, Aalin Dairy Cream

Wrap up your Manx-inspired culinary journey with a decadent dessert featuring Berry’s Christmas Pudding, served with Davidson’s Ice Cream and topped with indulgent cream.

Manx Cheeseboard

Make up your festive cheese and meat board from a selection of flavoursome locally made cheeses. Add some lovely cured meats from Ballacosnahan Farm to fill the board.

A Manx toast:

"Slaynt as shee as eash dy vea, as maynrys son dy bra." This means, 'Health and peace and length of life and happiness for ever’. Ventosus Wines can pair perfectly with your Christmas meal or raise a Manx toast with a glass of sparkling wine from Foraging Vintners. To raise everyone’s spirits, have a tipple of Fynoderee Sloe Gin or Outlier Hurricane Rum or pour a pint of Manx ale or Cider.

Where to source Manx:

Isle of Man Creamery and Robinsons will deliver fresh produce directly to your doorstep; Woodbourne Deli, The Food Cellar and EVF stores also have a fantastic selection of Manx produce. Seek your nearest local butcher’s or find all homegrown Christmas trimmings at Bry Rad’s Fresh Veg Shed open every Saturday on Ramsey quayside (easy parking and accessible).

You can place orders with the producers or locate them by exploring the Food Directory. Bring your bags along to the Isle of Man Farmers Market or the bi-weekly Douglas Foodie Market gives you the opportunity to meet the growers and artisans – the last one for 2023 is due to be held this Saturday 16th December on Douglas quay.

The Central Marts Christmas Poultry Fair is on Saturday 23rd December at Knockaloe Farm, with food served from 12pm. Oven ready turkey and goose sale starts 1.30pm. there’s also side stalls and Father Christmas in situ, with Carol Singing. It's a great rural event and all are welcome.

Buying Manx food protects our economy and our Biosphere for future generations. This holiday season we hope your table is brimming with delicious local meals and surrounded by the people you love. Bonus tip: to prevent food waste – chop, season and cover your leftover veg with oil and freeze for another meal or add leftovers into a hearty soup, curries or sandwiches for packing on those festive walks.

For the unavoidable scraps, composting food waste at home can be fun and very satisfying!

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