Meet the Producers -
Kaneen's Brewery

For any newcomers, who are you and what do you do?

We are Kaneen’s Brewery, a 6-barrel micro-brewery.

When did you establish your business?

We started trading March 2019.

What inspired you to begin?

The fun of making beers that we enjoy; we felt it was time to enjoy life.

How has your business grown since then?

Our business plan is bang on course at minute, which was to double up on our first year. The future plan is to grow by word of mouth slowly.

Where are you based and what does that community mean to you?

We are based in Union Mills, a small village business and a lot of the village neighbourhood are looking forward to when we start to sell direct when we get time to get an off-licence.

What does the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival mean to you?

The Food and Drink Festival means me and my family of helpers can come and meet people who might be interested in what we are doing, and talk about our product and give us feedback on what they think about our product, which will be on sale behind the bar.

Which other local producer(s) are you most looking forward to seeing this year?

Looking forward to having a chat with all the other food and drinks people. Hopefully we can help one another to grow our product. In my opinion, there is way too much cheaper, over-processed beer coming into IOM from across the water.

What’s on the horizon for your business?

To make our beer the best it can be.

What is your signature dish/product?

Our Lhune Airh meaning golden beer in Manx was our first beer and the one we love to make and drink. Cheers!

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