Meet the Producers -
B&M Catering

For any newcomers, who are you and what do you do?

We are B & M Catering, and we produce mainly cakes, ready meals, a range of savoury and sweet pies, scones, Manx bonnag and also preserves.

When did you establish your business?

B & M Catering was established approximately 18 years ago, when we attended Farmers Markets. I had a break from baking for a few years, but about 5 years ago we returned to baking and have not looked back since!

What inspired you to begin?

The love of baking cakes and sweet desserts.

How has your business grown since then?

We started working part time, but since covid we have both become full time bakers. 6 months ago we opened B & M’s deli sandwich shop, which is a lunchtime takeaway spot in Ramsey selling salad boxes, baps, baguettes, wraps, pies and pasties, breakfast baps, desserts, and hot and cold drinks.

Where are you based and what does that community mean to you?

We are based in St Paul’s Square, Ramsey. The square has welcomed us and we have made lots of new friends both in neighbouring shops and lots of regular customers.

What does the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival mean to you?

The Food & Drink Festival is an event I look forward to every year, meeting fellow producers and lots of public that pass through, which gives me a chance to chat about the work I love so much.

Which other local producer(s) are you most looking forward to seeing this year?

Having attended the Food & Drink Festival for a few years now, it is nice to catch up with fellow producers in the main tent, who I don’t normally see throughout the year.

What’s on the horizon for your business?

We are continuing to increase our business within the shop, and hopefully return to Farmers Markets too, which we haven’t been able to attend since opening the shop.

What is your signature dish/product?

Our signature products are definitely our cakes, which is how it all started.

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