Your Health Food Champion: Paula’s Kitchen


A hobby grown from her home cottage kitchen back in 2017, Paula Garland has since taken her passion for cooking to new heights. With her award winning granolas and handcrafted health foods, Paula’s Kitchen products have become a staple in any household conscious of health, or simply treating their taste buds.

When discussing how the avid foodie’s mindset was as she began her venture, credit was given to Islexpo (the Island’s largest business and networking event) for the inspiration gained after attending the festival and meeting other like-minded people in the food and drink industry. This gave her the motivation to transform what was once just a hobby into something more meaningful; a family run business which would produce great tasting and nutritious products on the island.

Paula holds an ethos that every ingredient she uses should be top quality; grounds as to why she frequently uses fresh Ballanelson Farm Manx strawberries in her seasonal edition summer strawberry, almond & chia granola.

With the Great Taste Award winning Luxury Spiced Turmeric Granola being a personal favourite, we were curious to find out how Paula herself enjoys the tasty snack. Overwhelmed with options, it was suggested to us that it is best eaten: trail-mix style (straight out of the packet), with fresh Isle of Man Creamery milk or a dairy-free alternative like almond milk, on top of a smoothie bowl or paired with The Dairy Shed Manx Yoghurt. Tried and tested it is confirmed that all of the above are delicious options.

Meeting Paula, you can see that the importance of her inclusion policy is vast. Through making sure all products are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar and additive free, she is able to ensure that as many people as possible are able to try her products and with the current development of a new secret product, it is almost guaranteed that breakfasts won’t be dulling down for anyone anytime soon!

Currently, Paula’s Kitchen products can be found at numerous locations across the Island – so wherever you are based you are in luck! Available to purchase from: The Cupcakery (Castletown), Riley’s in Robinson’s, Good Health Store (Port Erin), EVF stores Island wide, Tynwald Mills Deli and cafes, Close Leece Farm, Ballakarran Mobile Food Shop, Crossfit Gym and directly from Paula’s Kitchen at 25E South Quay Industrial Estate, Douglas.

Paula’s next step is to begin exporting her products and further building up the brand to allow even more people to experience what remarkable products she has to offer, and with plans of transforming her kitchen into an outlet, it seems we will be seeing much more of Paula’s Kitchen in the years to come.

We wish Paula the best of luck in her future plans and agree that she is a great asset to our Manx producers! We hope to see Paula's Kitchen at this year's Agricultural Shows and the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival.

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