SALSA Accreditation Funding Scheme for Local Food & Drink Producers


More than 100 jobs are set to be created following the sale of Shoprite stores on the Isle of Man to Tesco.

Nine new Tesco stores will be created on the island, and while many Shoprite colleagues have transferred to Tesco, there will be an additional 107 vacancies in stores.

The news comes as Tesco begins plans to convert the nine former Shoprite stores throughout 2024 and is in discussions with local suppliers on stocking their products.

Six local suppliers are already being stocked in Tesco’s existing Douglas Superstore and as the retailer opens new stores in 2024 shoppers can expect to see more local suppliers appearing in all Tesco stores on the Isle of Man.

Tesco has been working in partnership with the Isle of Man Government who have created a funding scheme to ensure that suppliers have the suitable SALSA accreditation to see their products stocked in Tesco stores.

Andy Sanderson, Store Director at Tesco, said: “It’s a really exciting time and as we move through 2024 we will ensure a tailored conversion of the stores so that all communities on the island are still able to access shops.

“We’re grateful to the Isle of Man Government for their support to ensure suppliers can stock their products in our stores.

Tim Johnston MHK, Minister for Enterprise, commented: “I welcome the news of job creation by Tesco as this demonstrates their commitment to not only maintain stability of our food supply, but also open further opportunities for the workforce. The Department for Enterprise, along with our colleagues at The Department of Environment Food and Agriculture, have maintained close contact with Tesco management since their announcement, and continues to work to ensure the transition period has minimal impact on residents, and all supplier concerns are raised and communicated appropriately.”

Clare Barber MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: “I am pleased Tesco are allowing a transition period to existing suppliers to arrange relevant accreditation for themselves.

“The Government’s new SALSA initiative aims to empower more local producers and creators to meet the stringent standards required for their products to be featured on the shelves of prominent retail outlets like Tesco. We hope the 100% funded grant support will serve as a catalyst for enhancing the presence of the Isle of Man's finest culinary offerings in wider market spaces and open up new and exciting doors to new customers both on and off island.”

To apply and find out more about the SALSA Funding Scheme, please contact the IOM Food & Drink team by emailing

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