An interview with Gander - Manx Taste Less Waste


Tell us about Gander?

Gander is a world-first mobile app aiming to reduce food waste while saving users money on their food shops. Gander connects its users to delicious, reduced-priced (often yellow-stickered) food in their local food stores. The app updates in real-time and gives users a totally live feed of exactly what reduced-to-clear food items are on the store shelves. Customers are able to view and filter by dietary/ preference, category/location etc. By doing this the app encourages its users to buy food they want and need, resulting in less household waste.

Gander is an entirely automated solution; it integrates with the retailer's POS system and changes none of the in-store processes. The app aims to promote footfall but can also assist retailers with making better and more informed purchasing decisions, hence providing a get out of jail free card to retailers. With the “Ganderlytics” platform. 

Ganderlytics offers unprecedented insights into products and is designed to make accessing data on all aspects of wastage easier for retailers. It ensures stores are reducing within policy times, eliminating shrink and improving sell through margins.

Gander also recognises that some food may still become surplus and will need to be redistributed. Ganderlytics automatically shows end of day surplus stock to any rescue organizations hence improving collection performance. It supports localised redistribution and is suitable for any shape or size of retailer.

To date, the app has saved 1.9 million food items from becoming waste and 4000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted.

Where is Gander based?

Gander was built and established in Ballasalla on the Isle of Man. We currently have the headquarters down south by the airport in Freeport but we are also in the process of expanding and setting up offices in Brazil and Australia. 


Where can we use Gander here in the Isle of Man?

At the moment you can use the Gander app in all Shoprite and Winerite stores all over the Island (9 stores). We are currently trialing other local retailers POS systems and looking to launch another well known store chain hopefully before the end of the year. 


How can Gander help to support our local retailers?

Local stores that use Gander can expect to reduce the amount going to waste at the end of the day by a 40%, which is a substantial improvement! This is driven by more customers locally being aware of the reduced food and being motivated to visit the store to buy it. This is not only important for the retailer, but also for the shopper. With the cost of living spiraling - the desire to eat well and spend less doing so is at an all time high. Shoppers on Gander save on average 56% on their usual shop.


How can Gander assist our local food waste efforts?

Gander is marketing an area of a store that has never been marketed before. There is a huge and growing number of shoppers who want to buy this reduced food – they just don’t know what it is and where it is. By downloading the Gander app, not only are you getting your favourite food at massively reduced prices, you are also helping to save perfectly good food from going to waste.


How much does it cost?

Gander is free to the consumer but there is a minimal subscription fee for the retailers. 


Where can I download Gander?

You can download the app on the Google Play Store or on the IOS App Store. If you would like to find out more, all information can be found on

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