MoHAIR fleeces from our extremely well-tended Angora goats are used to produce environmentally friendly socks that can be worn for days before they require washing.

These truly local socks are supremely comfortable, naturally wicking, hard wearing and machine washable.

A range of styles, sizes, and colours available. Kid fleeces are spun into unbelievably soft and luxurious knitting yarns and dyed on the farm in an endless array of stunning colours and grades.

Patterns and needles available or commission a luxury hand knitted item.

Contact Info


Clare Lewis


Ballanorman, Ballacrye Road, Ballaugh

Opening Hours:

Available from the Isle of Man Farmers' Markets at Ramsey, Saturdays 10 – 2 in the Old Courthouse, Parliament Street; and at St Johns, Thursdays 11-2 at the Church Hall in front of Tynwald Church. Also available from the Goat Farm but please call Clare on 207555 to check availability before visiting.


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