Our goats are predominantly free range and grass fed and produce meat that is low fat, low cholesterol, and very high in iron and protein.

From a small pack of chops to a shoulder or leg and right up to a full carcass we can supply any cut of meat including diced and minced goat, offal, bones, and even our own range of additive and preservative free burgers. Free recipe cards.

Chemical free land: high welfare: top quality: no compromise.


What: Goats cheese, kefir, whole goats milk, chèvre
Where: Collection from the farm shop in Ballaugh
How to order: Via Facebook / Call 207555

Contact Info


Clare Lewis


Ballanorman, Ballacrye Road, IM7 5BP Ballaugh

Opening Hours:

Available from the Isle of Man Farmers' Markets at Ramsey, Saturdays 10 – 2 in the Old Courthouse, Parliament Street; and at St Johns, Thursdays 11-2 at the Church Hall in front of Tynwald Church. Also available from the Goat Farm but please call Clare on 207555 to check availability before visiting.


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