Truly Manx drinks made with Manx-grown fruit!

Our Manx drinks include single variety apple juices, rhubarb pressé, gooseberry

lemonade, elderflower keshal (3.5%) and real Manx dry cider (5.4%).

Fruits harvested via our Fruit Exchange – where you trade crops for juice.

Buy from our farm shop, online or select outlets across the Island.


What: Crisp Manx apple juice in cases of 20 for £30 and other craft British drinks (juices, pressés and meads)
Where: Islandwide
How to order: Text or call 315679 or email

Contact Info


Charlotte Traynor, Will Faulds


The Lynague, IM5 2AQ

Opening Hours:

May to November, Wednesday to Saturday, 1pm to 6pm


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