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If you are looking to start a Food business the following information may be of some help;

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in conjunction with the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture (DEFA) is committed to supporting growth and diversification in the food and drink production sector.

Government recognises the importance of investment in industries that utilise and add value to locally produced agricultural products and seafood. The encouragement of new innovative start-up businesses and the further expansion of existing ones will help sustainably grow an already expanding food sector, a target set out in ‘Food Matters’ brochure, a food business development strategy for the Isle of Man, produced in support of DED’s Vision 2020 .

The new Agriculture and Fisheries Grant Scheme 2016 is designed to aid development within the Isle of Man’s farming, fisheries and food production. The purpose of the Scheme is to support commercial businesses in making investments to improve the sustainability of the business.

Please note this Scheme does not cover the replacement of existing assets, but grants may be made for one, or more, of the following purposes:

  • to reduce production costs
  • to improve and redeploy production
  • to increase quality of produce
  • to increase the marketability of produce
  • to preserve and improve the natural environment, hygiene conditions and animal welfare standards
  • to reduce energy use
  • to promote the diversification of agricultural or fisheries activities
  • to improve the skills of persons engaged in farming or fisheries on the Island

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture will determine in each financial year the amount of grant payable.

To apply for the Agriculture and Fisheries Grant Scheme 2016 please complete and return an application form.

The guidance notes provide information on the Scheme for potential applicants and cover the types of business eligible for support, the range of improvements for which financial assistance is available and the rates of grant applying. Advice is also provided on the application and claim processes.

Food Business Development Grants – Guidance

Knowledge and Innovation Grants – Guidance

For more information, call the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture on +44 1624 685844.

The Food Matters Strategy is there to help Isle of Man Food Businesses who predominately use Manx products with the following support;

  • Grants and assistance
  • Local marketing support
  • Barcodes and Point of Sale support

If you require any further information please contact

Eligibility for the food business development grants is shown below