Local food and drink businesses seeking to develop their retail grocery accounts and/or export business strategy are invited to attend a series of interactive group coaching workshops with Fiona Fitzpatrick of Fiona Fitz Consulting Ltd.

Fiona has more than 20 years’ experience in the food industry, both launching and running branded food businesses abroad, as well as being a consultant, coach and mentor to many small and large scale food companies around the world.

Meet Fiona and find out more about what to expect from the programme here.


Monday 8th June 6-9pm
Understanding my target consumer, shopper and trade customer and making clear choices 

  • In this workshop, we’ll explore how we can go about really understanding and defining our target consumer, shopper and trade customer, and why this clarity is key to winning.
  • We’ll look also look at how we understand the size of the different business opportunities, and how we might decide where to focus our efforts.

Monday 17th June 6-9pm
Refining my proposition and translating this across the 5Ps of Product, Packaging, Price, Place and Promotion

  • This session will focus on using what we learned in Workshop 1 to make sure that our offer clearly answers the needs of our chosen target market, across all of the 5Ps.

Monday 24th June 6-9pm
Defining my future business opportunities

  • We can now focus our attention on the future opportunities available to us, across retail grocery, food service and key export destinations.
  • We’ll also discuss the best way of making the key decision of where to focus our time and effort.

Monday 1st July 6-9pm
Decoding my route to market

  • Now that we know where we want to play next, we need to find out how we are going to get our product there!
  • This session will explore the supply chain, relationship and cost considerations of working with new customers, either at home or abroad

Monday 8th July 6-9pm
Pulling together my trade proposition  

  • What am I going to say when I go?

Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture, Thie Slieau Whallian, Foxdale Road, St John’s, IM4 3AS
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£20 per person per session
This programme will be delivered via interactive group coaching. We strongly advise bringing a team member to join your business on this journey.

Please note there is limited availability on this course. Contact lucy.verdon@gov.im to reserve your space.